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E-Ring specializes in developing CAD/GIS centric real-time decision support systems for the Building & Construction, Industrial, Manufacturing, GIS & Mapping, and Local Government segments. We develop powerful and effective solutions through research and development by translating cutting-edge technologies from industry leaders - to empower our customers.
Capture CAMA
Front to back office tax appraisal, assessment, and collection solution for local governments. more. 
Capture Permits and Inspections
Manage and automate the permit and inspection process throughout the entire life cycle of a permit. more. 
Capture Motor Vehicle Registration
Automate the process for tag registration, application, and renewal. more. 
Capture Asset Management
Track and manage inventory, assets, and resources of your department while also automating their corresponding activities and tasks. more. 
Capture Desktop
Stand-alone onscreen takeoff system that enables rapid and accurate quantity take-off, real-time value engineering, complete change tracking, and what-if analysis. more. 
Capture Professional
Web-based life cycle cost estimation, analysis, and decision support system for performing value engineering. more. 
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